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Libélula Verde Ediciones is a publishing project connected with the Asociación de Ecología Social that wants to promote ideas of Libertarian Communism and Social Ecology, a philosophical current of thought by Murray Bookchin based on a critical analysis of our species’ relationship with nature of which we are a part.

We work for a fairer and more equal world, so our production as publishers is based on ethical and sustainability principles.

  • WE ARE a libertarian and environmental association that aims to publicize the ideas of Social Ecology. As well as promoting constructive debate and the exchange of ideas, in order to overcome the current capitalist regime.
  • WE ARE HERE to encourage criticism and self-criticism of what we do not like about ourselves, to build, to change, to transform, to advance towards a fairer, freer and more humane world.
  • WE WORK based on different tools, such as reporting campaigns, monographic workshops, film forums, talks …, the most important of all being our editorial, Libélula Verde Ediciones.

If you write and think that your work is based on such principles, get in contact with us by email to mail@libelulaverde.org

We can take care of all the publishing and distribution process.

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